Wilson Combat Launches New Website Ahead of New 1911

Website are a bitch. A high maintenance bitch. Although TTAG is just four months old, we’re already looking at ways to refine the design and improve the site’s utility. Kinda like a gun maker trying to evolve a classic design. Which is something the folks at Wilson Combat know a thing or two about. We’re glad to see them upgrade their website. Not that the previous version was a dog. Just that a company with such high-end firearms products should offer a web experience that reflects, defines and extends their brand. If you didn’t know that Wilson’s new site was new, you wouldn’t. But it flows a whole lot better than before. Especially the shopping cart. It’s simple, clean and FAST. There’s still a few holes. The FAQs are MIA. The pre-expanded-view gun porn should be larger. Once you link over to the monochromatic  shopwilsoncombat.com, clicking on “Home” doesn’t take you all the way back to wilsoncombat.com. We expect the gunsmith to keep on tweakin’. And we can’t wait to see how they debut their new 1911.

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