The Problem With Booth Babes

Statistically, a growing number of women are interested in guns. Whether it’s Cowboy action shooting, competitive targets or (more likely) self and home defense, woman are arming themselves in increasing numbers. It’s a relatively small trend leading to a relatively small demographic shift. OI reckon men outnumbered woman at the NRA ConFab by about 10 to 1. Of course, for some reason, Brad’s not counting the genre known as Girls with Guns or Babes with Bullets. More than a few exhibitors, uh, exhibiting tried to capitalize on the fact that guys are hard-wired to notice/pay attention to/likelooking at attractive women. The trade show industry has a number of terms for their licentious lures (mine): “Eye Candy,” “Booth Bunnies” and “Booth Bimbos.” You see, the problem with said Eye Candy is that, whilst they are lovely to look at, they are also a distraction (and sometimes a big one) from the task at hand…and (we imagine) frequently a source of frustration/irritation/aggravation for other women – both ones in the industry and those attending the show.

All those hard-fought victories relating to “please take us seriously” can be wiped out with the blink of a mascara’d eye, and the jiggle of a shapely breast. Now, we’re not slamming models here – pretty girls shouldn’t be denied a chance to earn a living just because they’re pretty. (Heaven forfend.) But we here at TTAG aren’t too crazy about the use of sexist stunts to sell lethal weapons. Mixing attractive women and guns is a great idea. But when exhibitors leave it to cleavage, instead of focusing on their products, it lowers the entire tone of the discussion to something that’s just a little, well, juvenile. We contend that the firearms industry would be better served to reflect the respect and dignity [rightly] accorded women in mainstream society. The sooner they do, the more they can get on with the business of inclusion; helping women defend themselves from those who see them purely as sex objects—and potential victims. Whilst making more money. Time to grow up guys.


  1. It's disgusting to me how they are trying to sell sex with guns.

  2. avatar Donal Fagan says:

    Shooters with hooters. This puts me in mind of Miss CresCor. CresCor makes warming and cooling cabinets for food service, and they had this busty brunette with a sash that read, "Miss CresCor" in all their product literature. I went to a restaurant equipment show in Chicago back in 1978. She was there, a bit older than her photos, but very nice and still very pretty. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

  3. avatar Deb Ferns says:

    Good solid (and to the point) editorial! There are some beautiful women of all ages/sizes involved in shooting sports across the country so to pick these gals; who when I spoke with sevearl of them seemed to know almost nothing about firearms, makes me doubt the ability of the company to deal on an ethical level. I prefer to purchase my firearms from representatives with true knowledge.

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