First Look: Chiappa Arms Rhino Revolver Thingie

The guy in the Einstein getup is the lead engineer on the wheelgun. My first impression: I’m impressed. With the gun. Not the costume. The Rhino’s trigger felt really smooth, in both single and double-action. And I’m frankly fascinated (call me Frank) by the entire concept of the bottom of the cylinder barrel. The Chiappa Firearms‘ guy tells me the gunmaker’s awaiting final approval from the Powers That Be in the U.S. government. Unless the feds require major rhinoplasty, the gun should begin to trickle into dealers’ showrooms around July. Ish. [Ed: it’s an Italian company.] As soon as TTAG gets a Testing & Evaluation model, we’ll, uh, test and evaluate it.


  1. avatar ARA says:

    Chiappa is now showing the Rhino with barrel lengths of 2″, 4″, 5″, and 6″ on its web site. The closest dealer to me is a state away and as of the last day of July 2010 they have yet to receive their first Rhino. I hope those things don’t get stale or moldy.

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