Pepper Spray Meets Rocky Raccoon. And Not a Moment Too Soon.

Funny story. My ex took a self-defense course, and learned all about the right way to use pepper spray. She bought a keychain unit, and took it home to practice. She followed the instructions. What she didn’t figure on was A) it’s always windy in Amarillo, and B) the wind tends to shift directions. Suddenly. And without warning.

Suffice it to say that she now knows, up close and personal-like, exactly what it means to be sprayed.

Coulda been worse. The newest thing in pepper spray (shown above) is a combination pepper spray/staining ink arrangement, where you can brand your assailant like Rocky Raccoon for at least a couple of days.


  1. Wildfire Pepper Spray is the quickest reacting and most potent spray ever tested.

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