Coming Soon: Sportsman Eyewear Review

At the NRA show, I saw lots of stuff. Cool guns. Cool gear. Cool gadgets. None of them got me as excited over it’s potential than this one – a pair of shooting glasses with a built-in three megapixel video camera. Stop and think about this for a second – this gadget’s gonna change the way we shoot gun reviews. Seriously. It will allow the readers to see what the shooter sees – the actual sight picture and target, instead of an over-the-shoulder, kinda-sorta, what they see video. Coolness. I’m heading to the range tomorrow, to give them a field test, but unless something changes my mind – and I frankly don’t see how – I can see recommending this to anyone who goes to the range. Imagine having a video record of every shot you put down-range. That’s worth the price of admission, right there. More details tomorrow in my full review. For now, wander on over to to check ’em out for yourself. [Full disclosure: Sportsman Eyewear has provided a unit at no charge for us to review. And RF is gonna have to pry them out of my cold, dead fingers if he wants this pair.]

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