Brad Kozak is Trigger Happy

If you’re a regular TTAG reader, you might have noticed my post yesterday regarding using sex to sell guns. It’s come to my attention that the combination of hot women and hot guns is not limited to selling firearms. Nope. It’s apparently also used to sell subscriptions to magazines. The fine folks over a posted this video entitled Hot Girls with Guns. It features…well…hot girls shooting guns.

There are ironies galore here. It’s kind of amazing to see things that are this blatant – I mean, why are the girls dressed in bikini tops, when it’s not uncommon for a spent casing to fly back and hit you in the chest. Oh. Wait. I get it. Of course, you can argue that we at TTAG are pandering to the same baser instincts that the folks at Maxim do, namely, using videos of hot women to pump up the site traffic. And you’d be right. But we rationalize see this as a public service…an educational project, where we scour the Internet for things like this so you don’t have to.

There are days I love my job.

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