UK Home to 1,366,082 Shotguns, 453,383 Other Guns

They call themselves the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), because shooting animals helps conserve them. (True story.) Besides, they can’t call themselves the British Association for Shooting Just for the Sheer Bloody Hell of It. Or The British Association for Shooting and Thus Protecting Our Lives and Personal Property. ‘Cause the British government is so anti-firearms if you even think about firing a gun you’re nicked, mate. Evidence? The BASC reports that Her Majesty’s Government reports that the U.K. is home to 1,366,082 shotguns [pdf here]. As of July 2009, the U.K. population is 61,126,832. So, if every registered shotgun is owned by one person (highly unlikely), 2.234832 percent of the UK owns a shotgun. You know you want more.

The report also reveals that there are 453,383 other firearms on file with the central government. Again, figuring ONE gun PER PERSON, that’s 0.741708649 percent. That stat includes air rifles over 12-feet pounds muzzle energy. A license costs roughly $150. An application takes approximately four weeks to process. A Civilian Firearms Enquiry Officer contacts applicants “in due course” to arrange a face-to-face interview.” Oh, and it looks like the BASC members are tired of Palin in comparison to U.S. conservative rhetoric: “BASC calls for big push to target candidates on shooting issues.”

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