U.N Considers Banning Small Arms Sales to Iranian National Guard

The United Nations is adopting harsh sanctions against Iran in a concerted, coordinated and resolute effort force the Islamic nation to suspend its nuclear weapons development program. Meanwhile, back in the real world, the Chinese are shooting down any substantive move to isolate or penalize Iran for its nuclear ambitions. “China, which relies on Iran for 11 percent of its energy needs and last year became Tehran’s biggest trading partner, agreed only after several months to discuss a fourth round of sanctions with the U.S., Russia, Britain, France and Germany,” The Mainichi Daily News reports. “The diplomat [source] said the negotiations are progressing slowly.” Sounds like British understatement to me. Anyway, prior to the inevitable Israeli air-strike . . .  “The penalties proposal is believed to be aimed at Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard,” NTI reports. “It would prohibit Iran from importing small arms, allow for confiscation of questionable materials being shipped to the nation, and cut off Tehran’s energy operations from outside financial support, among other measures.” Black market gun runners be advised: now is your time to shine!

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