Truthout: Disarm The Stupids With A Civics Test

Truthout reckons the Hutaree militia are a logical extension of right wing Republicanism. Yes, well, there’s a lot of that going around. So let’s add the blogger to TTAWTSB (Tar Them All With The Same Brush) meme making the scene. Of course, none of these commentators come right out and say they favor eliminating Second Amendment rights or, for that matter, all civilian gun ownership. But they come awful damn close. “What we have here is nothing more or less than stupid people with guns, and you know what? I’m fine with guns. I believe Americans should have them if they want them. I believe in reasonable limitations on being able to purchase assault weapons and bazookas because, well, the words ‘well-regulated’ are right there in the Amendment next to ‘militia.’ I believe in background checks to make sure you’re not buying a gun because your medication ran out. But I’ve come to believe that being able to buy and own a gun should also involve passing a fairly difficult civics exam. Before someone goes out to buy a gun in defense of their country and their liberty, we should have some kind of metric to determine if that person actually knows anything about the country, and knows anything about the roots and truths of the liberty they claim to cherish. If we can’t or won’t cure the stupid, at least we can disarm it.”

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