Taliban Sniper Proves Rifle Skills Don’t Suck So Much

The New York Times has been running a series by C J Chivers dissing the marksmanship of our good friends in the Afghan police and Army. Mr. Chivers has also heavily criticized the Taliban’s shooting. As TTAG has warned many times, never under-estimate your enemy. As proof of this strategic mindset, we present this morning’s [UK] Times account of a deadly Taliban sniper. “A TALIBAN sniper has shot dead up to seven British soldiers during a five-month killing spree in a town regarded as the most dangerous place in Afghanistan . . . The Taliban hitman demonstrated his skill last month when he picked off a British sniper who was on the lookout for his insurgent rival. Three of his suspected victims have been army sharpshooters, including one killed by a single bullet between the eyes.” Yes, well, we’ve got a plan for that, right? Right? “Their sniper is giving us real problems and we’ve not yet worked out how to take him down,” a “senior British Army officer” told the Times. “Senior officers consider the situation in Sangin to be ‘very bad’ because of the determination and skill shown by the Taliban fighters there.” The British are losing their hubris, one soldier at a time. But what of the Americans?


  1. avatar Robert Fure says:

    There was bound to be someone in Afghanistan who actually knew how to shoot. Though who knows, maybe he’s an import.

    Eventually he’ll either find a bullet or, more probably, a hail of cannon fire from an attack helicopter. Dealing with snipers reminds me of this phrase I heard once: “I’ve got a bullet with your name on it and I’m going to keep shooting until I find it.”

  2. avatar Kap says:

    what does a desk Jockey know? sorta Like a REMF only what they pull it OOTA, not to be confused with OODA loop which works

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