Second Amendment Enforcement Act Aims to Shoot Down DC Gun Laws

Senators McCain of Arizona and Jon Tester of Montana are set to introduce the Second Amendment Enforcement Act [download pdf here]. The as-yet-unnumbered bill would overturn the capitol city’s ban on semiautomatic weapons, trash the reg requiring D.C. gun owners store their weapons unloaded and disassembled and enable residents to buy guns and ammo in Maryland and Virginia. WTOP says it “intercepted” an email from Tester’s office seeking co-sponsors for the bill. “Many of the changes in the Tester/McCain bill are the same as amendments that were attached to the D.C. Voting Rights Bill. Those amendments were characterized as “egregious” by the District’s non-voting Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton and the reason she had the Voting Rights Bill pulled at the last minute.” Apparently, “the bill does not open the door to open or concealed carry permits.” Whatever that means.

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