Rutger Hauer is . . . Hobo With A Shotgun

(Clip NSFW – Rated “R” for language & violence)

“Back in 2007, as the Tarantino/Rodriguez double-feature film, Grindhouse, was being released, there was a contest challenging the public to create their own grindhouse/exploitation film trailer,”  the citizen journalists at report, with sytax that makes reloading an 18th century musket look as straighforward as slapping a mag into a Glock 19.  “The trailer that won was called Hobo With a Shotgun. This trailer was essentially for a non-existent movie about a hobo who delivers vigilante justice on evil-doers in the streets with a 12 gauge shotgun.” And now,  it’s on its way, with Blade Runner’s coolest replicant taking the title role, at the grand old age of 84.  I jest.  (Anyway, not the guy in this clip..) Filming has begun. A blog is born! How great is that?


  1. avatar Monty says:

    $10.00 says this is a movie within the next two years.

    1. avatar Robert Fure says:

      It’s already in production. You’ll see it released within 2 years, definitely. Probably 1.

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