New Mexico Concealed Carry Course (w/Gubernatorial Candidate Doug Turner)

“It’s almost too easy,” Doug Turner’s instructor says, after New Mexico’s republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Turner squeezes off a round with the Remington 700. “Almost,” Turner replies. Ah, but the question is: are out of state concealed carry courses too easy for New Mexico’s Department of Public Safety? It’s an issue that Mr. Turner fails to address. In fact, as far as Google’s concerned, Turner’s as mute as Hooch on ANY issues re: guns, gun ownership or gun permits. As the owner of a PR firm and a former fixer for Governor Gary E. Johnson, Turner knows to paint himself as an outsider, and say nothing controversial. But you gotta give the guy credit for allowing the tag line “Join the Fight” after proving his firearm chops. Left. Red rag. Bull. Meanwhile, did he get a permit? Does he carry? What gun? TTAG is on the case. I mean, hey, why not?

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