Lexington Police Help Raise Home Invaders’ Chances of Success

While lowering the odds that children will accidentally kill, wound and/or maim themselves and others with unsupervised firearms. You pays your money . . . or not. “The Lexington police and the Fayette County sheriff’s departments began giving away free gun locks Monday,” kentucky.com reports. “The cable-style gun locks prevent guns from firing or being loaded. The locks are easy and quick to put on, Lexington officer Bige Towery said. ‘You’re looking at probably less than a minute of your life to make sure that this gun is safe,’ he said.” How much time do they take to remove? Well, first you gotta find the key. Then you’ve got to use the key. Then you’ve got to remove the cable. I’m thinking . . . 10 to 100 seconds, depending how prepared and shit-scared you are. Why do I get the feeling that Lexingtonians aren’t that stupid sensible? “People who own more than one gun can take multiple locks, Towery said. Maybe . . . one less than the number of guns in situ?

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