Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Unidentified Gun Sex Guy


The man, 25, told police at the scene that he rubbed the loaded handgun all over his girlfriend’s body before getting intimate after he consumed a six-pack of beer at a party at the couple’s home. The man said his girlfriend, 22, was also drinking. He said the couple of 10 years forgot about the gun and had sex. After they were finished, he told police he picked up the gun and flung his arm toward his girlfriend. The gun then went off, killing the woman. He called 911 right away.

“He was adamant the shooting was an accident,” she said. He called himself an “idiot” several times during an interview with police and implied he would hurt himself for what he’d done. During the incident, the couple’s two young children were asleep, Hover said.


  1. avatar Frank says:

    If you going to do something like this; make damn sure the gun is unloaded before you start drinking.

  2. avatar The Comedian says:

    Anyone else picturing that scene from The Sopranos with Janice and Richie?

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