Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Suzette Hinds-Mohammed

I understand how a woman can get so fed-up with her man that she grabs a gun and shoots him. It’s not right. It’s not recommended. It’s illegal. But “crimes of passion” are out there, somewhere. In fact, the whole “heat of the moment” deal is, perhaps, gun control advocates’ strongest argument against arming all and sundry with a lethal weapon. As a matter of firearm safety, remember that it’s your job as a gun owner to keep your cool when all around you are about to lose their heads. Do NOT “impulsively and involuntarily” reach for an unregistered derringer (that you stashed in the glove box) and shoot your boyfriend in the noggin, as Suzette Hinds-Mohammed’s defense lawyer claims. Or walk around to the passenger side of your vehicle, place a weapon against the bastard’s head, vow he’ll never do you wrong again and blow his brains out, as the prosecution maintains. Just sayin’.

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