Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Jose Barron Jr.

Like many a gun owner, Jose Barron Jr. sells prescription drugs. What? Wait. No. That’s insane (as Brian would say). Of course, there are varying levels of insanity. Provided you can buy the drugs on a regular basis at a reasonable price, resell them at a large mark-up, not get killed by rival dealers and avoid police prosecution, it’s probably a nice little business. Oh, and you might want to keep the pills out of the hands of minors, ’cause if one of them should die and the pills are traced back to your sorry ass, a shitstorm will ensue. And while you’re gonna need a gun (or two or an assault rifle or two) to protect you from both customers and rivals, you gotta be real careful on the gun front. Prosecutors and judges tend to add years to the sentence of a drug dealer caught with firearms, whether they’ve been purchased legally or not. In this case, Mr. Barron really screwed the proverbial pooch. Not only did the po-po discover “crushed prescription medication” on his girlfriend’s kitchen counter and a bag of marijuana in a rocking chair (just sittin’ there, staring out to space), but they also discovered a brace of assault rifles in his girlfriend’s baby’s crib. doesn’t say if the guns were loaded; Courtney Norris [above] faces child abuse charges. And wins TTAG’s not-so-coveted IGO OTD award.

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