Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Cleveland Browns DT Shaun Rogers

Now that Washington Wizards’ NBA b-baller Gilbert Arenas is serving time for felony gun possession—oh wait. Sorry. Suspended sentence. Which could well become the de facto standard for professional athletes packing heat. Well, I know one man who hopes this is the case: Cleveland Browns Defensive Tackle (DT) Shaun Rogers. USAToday reports that Mr. Rogers was in the wrong neighborhood with his firearm. Specifically, Rogers was arrested “after officials found him with a gun at the Hopkins International Airport.” As opposed to, say, “attempting to board an aircraft with a loaded firearm.” Yes, loaded. Police told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer that the Texan NFL pro-bowler was armed and dangerous. Rogers is not the first NFL DT to fall afoul of gun laws. Back in ’07, a judge sentenced Chicago Bears Defensive Tackle Terry “Tank” Johnson to 120 days in tjoekie (served 60) for keeping six guns (not six-guns) in his pad without bothering to get a state Firearm Owner’s Identification card. This while on probation. Of course. It took an Arizona DUI to finally end Johnson’s career. So dry your tears I say. Shaun. Firearm safety is for the small people, apparently.


  1. avatar Monte says:

    In 1997, Dallas Cowboys Head Coach, Barry Switzer, was arrested at DFW.


    Packing loaded heat inside his carry-on.

    He claimed that a week or so earlier, he slid the gun in the bag to hide in from young kids who were visiting for the weekend. Then just…forgot.

    (Oh, dear. A burglar! Now where's that confounded gun again? I dunno…didja look in the kids' toybox?)

    Anyway, Ol' Tank and Shaun should maybe get a pass, seeing as they were simply following a head coach's example.

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