Incindiary Image of the Day: No One Ever Raped a .38 Edition

Back in the day, images were spread through society at something well below the speed of light. They were printed. On paper. And then disseminated. I know: how archaic can you get? Even so, images found their way into the collective consciousness, usually via college campuses. The tennis player scratching her butt. (Don’t ask.) Various pictures of open-mouthed hippos as diet destruction deterrents. Escher. These days, the “good stuff” arrives via email. TTAG’s William C. Montgomery sent me this one. As did my financial adviser. The image draws its power from the text, and the fact that there’s no central focal point. Your eyes are drawn from the text (left), to the bullseye (right). There’s no place to “rest.” Also note: the shooter’s hair is tied-up, which de-sexualizes the violent sexual message. And the gun is so subtle it’s almost implied. Also clock the target’s flat-top haircut and steroidal trapezius muscles. It’s a menacing image within a menacing image.


  1. avatar Martin Albright says:

    Well, Robert, the folks on the other side of the gun control debate have never been shy about using misleading, incendiary, or deceptive and emotionally charged imagery to make their point, so I suppose a little counter-battery fire is to be expected.

  2. avatar Brad Kozak says:

    Except that she’s not holding a .38. That’s almost certainly a 1911, and most likely then a .45 ACP. Just sayin.’

  3. avatar Robert Fure says:

    I find pony tails, guns, and woman who shot rapists all very attractive.

  4. avatar Don Gammill says:

    Yep; I found the pony tail attractive, too. No de-sexualization there (for me, at least).

  5. avatar Robert Farago says:

    Oh fine. Chaque a son gout and all that.

  6. avatar Monte says:

    Wheras the woman with the AR, camo fatigues, and copy about the president’s security detail was an exercise in propaganda FAIL, this particular communication is very good and effective.

    However, I’d like to point out she’s missing eyes n’ ears. Get some glasses on and some ear protection, my pony-tailed friend. And good shootin’ to you.

    I’d also work on her stance somewhat, too (if I’m to be really picky). That head cant isn’t desireable, but she’s doing so to align her dominant eye over the sites. Most women do better with the bladed Weaver stance rather than the isosceles I’ve found — but whatever she prefers, we’d find a way to work it out.

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