Field & Stream: We Don’t Tell the Truth About Rifles

I know: it’s one thing for Field & Stream to kow-tow to gun manufacturers by sending back defective or just plain awful test rifles. It’s another to actually admit it in print. Pixels. Whatever. “Over the past four years or so I’ve gotten at least four rifles from one of the major companies that shot so poorly I had to send them back and could not write about them.” That’s bad enough. But to bitch and moan that you can’t get free guns—an honor and a privilege for which many enthusiasts would donate their right testicle—is well out of order. “And then there is the maker of very expensive custom rifles who has promised me three times, twice to my face, to send me a rifle and never has. But that is another issue entirely.” True dat, as the very first comment points out: “Is it any wonder that the general public distrusts gun reviews from the main stream media? We want to know when a manufacturer produces guns of such inferior quality that they have to be sent back. I think any reviewer who has to send a gun back before getting one that he can actually test is under an obligation to report that fact in his review if he wants to be a credible journalist.” If you want the truth about guns, well, here we are. (email [email protected] if you’d like to review guns for us)

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