Canadian Conservative’s Own Goal on Long Gun Registry

TTAG’s been following the debate over abolishing Canada’s long gun registry with morbid fascination. Earlier today, Jim Sutherland gave us some insiht into Liberal leader Michel Ignatieff’s misguided opposition to the gun registry’s elimination. Today we learn that Tory backbencher Garry Breitkreuz’s salvo against the law has become a dictionary definition of a foot shooting incident. Mr. Breitkreuz’s office issued what the National Post calls a “scathing news release” condemning the registry. Denouncing Canadian police chiefs as “like a cult.” Suggesting that Liberals who oppose the gun registry are scum (i.e. “their positions are tainted and suspect in my view, because their endorsement can be bought.” Oh dear. The text itself was deleted, and the Post is in paraphrase mode. Apparently, the release claims that Mr. Ignatieff “should be pummeled for forcing his MPs to support the registry.” In fact, it says “His true colours are showing, and if his caucus has any integrity, those colours should be black and blue.” Thanks to this very-Canadian storm over manners, the battle lines over the registry’s fate remain firmly drawn.


  1. avatar Brent says:

    Breitkreuz is a Canadian hero. Send him your emails of encouragement if you support gun rights everywhere.

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