California Contemplates Long Gun Registry

Just as Canada moves to abandon its Long-Gun Registry, California City Councilman Assemblyman Mike Feuer is looking to start one. CBS News reports that Mr. Freuer has introduced legislation which would require law enforcement to “permanently keep” (as opposed to keep permanently) records of all long gun sales generated by gun stores or, yes, private sales. While The Golden State already stores information about handgun purchases. Freuer’s firearm fatwa is not news—at least to CBS. If you know what I mean. If not, “Feuer’s bill isn’t exactly a surprise: He told the Brady Campaign, an anti-gun advocacy group, earlier this year that his forthcoming proposal would give law enforcement another tool to track down people in possession of illegal firearms.

“This legislation will close a glaring loophole and ensure that all firearm records, not just handgun records, are maintained for law enforcement purposes,” Ellen Boneparth, spokesperson for the California Brady Campaign Chapters, said in a statement at the time.

Ah, those were the days. Now, a guy’s got to sneak legislation into consideration.

“Feuer appears to have adopted an unusual approach to introducing his mandatory registration bill. He took an existing piece of criminal legislation, AB 1810, that dealt with graffiti and vandalism, and replaced it with a completely new version with the same bill number.” Don’t you hate it when that happens? Or do you?

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