“ATF Canine Handlers Train Mexican Law Enforcement”

The quote marks indicate that I didn’t write that headline. Because that would be insulting to . . . someone. At the risk of racial profiling, I am aware that Mexicans have got that whole machismo thing going on. I would NEVER insinuate that Canine Handlers from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tabacco, Firearms and Explosive (ATF) would train Mexican lawmen. See that bribe? LEAVE IT! Obviously, they’re training Mexican dog officers. Which is well worth a headline, right? It’s a big story in its own little way, as the official press release reveals.

Eight officials completed the 10-week class, a basic course which teaches new handlers all the necessary skills to deploy an explosives detection canine in operational environments. Two graduates successfully completed the 16-week ‘Train-the-Trainer’ course. The first six-week participants learned to “imprint” untrained canines so they can search for more than 19,000 explosives odors, including homemade and peroxide-based explosives, in the field. The remaining 10 weeks taught students how to teach their own 10-week explosive detection canine handler course.

Hmmm. Will the Mexican trainers train trainers to train other trainers to train trainers to train sniffer dogs? What does this have to do with guns? They also train the dogs to find firearms, ammunition and spent shell casings. FYI.

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