ArmaLite Selling Ar-50A1 Rifle “By The Truckload”

Armalite has news for aspiring owners of the Ar-50A1 rifle: the price of the weapon is . . . staying the same. Credit (or blame depending on your perspective) that whole supply and demand thing. “Don’t worry about supplies lasting,” Armalite assures potential customers in its press release. “We’re so confident of these masters of long-distance accuracy that we’re building them by the Truckload!” Or, alternatively, so lacking in confidence in the current state of the civilian .50 BMG market that it knows it can’t charge more for its product. In any case, PLEASE don’t tell ANYONE when and where that Armalite truck’s rubber hits the road. Provided you’re not a stalker, TTAG can recommend the $3,359 rifle without any reservations “whether you need this 50-cal giant for a military mission or a shooting competition.” Or hunting one-legged prairie dogs.

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