AK vs. AR Redux


  1. avatar Brett Solomon says:

    Different weapons platforms for different folks. But I advocate one of each. Cheap AK and badass AR. I’ll give a YouTube plug to Nutnfancy and his 5 part AR vs. AK series- probably the best analysis of the subject done to date. He wound up buying both as well…

  2. avatar Robert Farago says:

    Nutnfancy’s got nothing on lockedandloaded, from an OMG POV. I recommend his most recent video on the meaning of the word “revolution.”

  3. avatar Brett Solomon says:

    He cribs a lot from Glenn Beck (revolution vs. restoration). I bet Glenn's ratings would be even higher if he held a AK with a 100-round drum mag!

    I'll go with Nutnfancy though for technical accuracy and research. He can just get a little boring. At least with lockedandloaded you can keep looking at the menacing AK.

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