New Mexico Concealed Carry Course (w/Gubernatorial Candidate Doug Turner)

“It’s almost too easy,” Doug Turner’s instructor says, after New Mexico’s republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Turner squeezes off a round with the Remington 700. “Almost,” Turner replies. Ah, but the question is: are out of state concealed carry courses too easy for New Mexico’s Department of Public Safety? It’s an issue that Mr. Turner fails […]

NYT on Gun Show Loophole: Fact Schmacts

The New York Times Op Ed, Listen to the Families, laments the roll-back in local, state and federal laws restricting gun ownership and the right to carry a firearm on your person hither and yon. “The only bright spot in all of this is that gun victims’ families and Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a bipartisan […]

Calgary Police Chief: Kill Canada’s Long Gun Registry

While the vast majority of Canada’s top cops are ranged against moves to kill Canada’s Long Gun Registry, Calgary Police Chief Rick Hanson has broke ranks and publicly declared that it’s time to “review” the legislation. “The gun registry has done little to make the streets safer,” Chief Hanson told “”For the years it’s been in effect, […]

Gun Nuts Nuts About Custom Rifles

When last we heard from the self-proclaimed Gun Nuts, they were telling the world that they accidentally on purpose forget to review crap guns. With their lack of credibility firmly established, they’ve moved on to recommending guns they don’t recommend. “. . . there is no logical reason to buy one. I love the things, […]

Vanessa Hudgens Gunrobics!

“To get ready for action sequences . . . it’s kind of random,” Vanessa Hudgens told, apropos of nothing much, save her forthcoming movie Sucker Punch. “We’d take our guns and do jumping jacks with them. We’d be like [breathing, mimicking jumping jacks] and then we’d be in for the kill.” In a wide-ranging […]