Heah Come Da Judge

I’ve been making my wife nervous by browsing the gun magazines at the grocery store (except Whole Foods), and I see big adverts for the Taurus Judge. As someone with older eyes, the idea of a handheld shotpistol seemed interesting to me, and based on this dedicated site, 410revolver.com, it seems to have developed a bit of a following.

But I also found and read several reviews that pooh-pooh the idea that a Judge is powerful enough for personal defense. Apparently a .410 load of bird shot will just make an intruder more determined to kill you.

But in their specs for the Magnum Edition, the aforementioned site mentions buck shot, and a reviewer at TaurusJudge.net writes:

“… it seems Taurus has answered my prayers with this new model: 4510TKR-3SS MAG version of the Tarus Judge which allows you now to shoot the 3″ 000 Buck shot shell which spits out five .36 caliber pellets.”

So I’m wondering if the Magnum may be worth considering for home=castle purposes.

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