To be perfectly fair, to call these two weapons “BB Guns” is like calling the Queen Mary a “dinghy.” And from the looks of the chronograph, you really could put someone’s eye out with these things. So for our inaugural edition of the “You’re Gonna Put Someone’s Eye Out WIth That Thing Dept., TTAG brings you the Well MP7A1 & SRC XM8 weapons. Watching the video all the way through (the sacrifices we TTAG scribes make for our loyal readers!) I’m compelled to make a few scintillating observations. To wit:

  • The full-camo regalia is probably just a wee bit of overkill.
  • Next time you wanna look macho and butch, you might want to add some sound effects…that little “click” sound was…um…what’s the word I’m groping for…lame. That’s it. Definitely lame.
  • Speaking of lame, it’s strangely appropriate that you chose the theme to the box-office disaster, Lost in Space. Not even the dual-pneumatic powers of Heather Graham and Mimi Rogers (with a nostalgic dollop of June Lockhart) could save that turkey.
  • What exactly were you trying to prove with this video? That you can count? Use math skills to create average scores? I’m lost here…
  • The weapons look great. The next time I want to go heavy on style, but light on firepower, you’re my first call.
  • Here’s another shining example of somebody with too much time on their hands. Aside from me, of course.

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