USA TODAY Asks: “What Does the 2nd Amendment Mean?”

Well. Sort of. What the Newspaper For Those Who Find People Magazine a Challenging Read asks in their “Quick Question” online is, “Does the Second Amendment give Individuals the right to bear arms.?” I’m guessing “Yes,” based on the Supreme Court’s decision in the landmark Heller case. But there’s been a spirited discussion surrounding another 2nd Amendment-related article I penned here on TTAG. Anywho, you have a chance to vote your own self. The poll (link provided by a TTAG reader) is, as far as I can determine, as unscientific as they come, meaning that, since the Nattering Nabobs of Negativism aren’t getting the results they want, you should expect to see the poll results buried in Section W (for Wastebasket), or thoroughly discredited by the very paper that hosted the poll. Still, click here to add your voice to the muddled asses yearning for free brie.


  1. avatar Robert Fure says:

    6 million votes so far, 97% say yes.

  2. avatar Robert Farago says:

    And there I was thinking that the Second Amendment was about gum control. As the Brits would say, tartar for now.

  3. avatar Stuart says:

    as of today (March 22, 2012) the total is 10,554,509, of which 97% say “yes”.

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