A Range of Ways for Gun Owners to Celebrate Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. Huzzah! Let there be fireworks! Light shows! Feasts! Oh, wait. Fireworks pollute the air. Light shows waste energy. Feasts ignore the plight of the teaming millions of starving third-world wretches, and (if you’re eating meat) dramatically increase greenhouse gas emissions. And making merry might lead to procreation and that leads to overpopulation. Sigh. What’s an environmentally aware gun owner to do? Take your organic ammunition (brass, copper, lead, sulphur, saltpeter – they are all mined from Mother Earth at one point or another, right?) and your choice of firearms (if you wanna be super-sensitive, leave your polymer pistols at home), head out to the range and punch some holes in paper targets. Be sure and recycle your paper targets. Rest assured that your gun range is recycling your brass, lead and copper. Oh, and yes, Virginia, there is lead-free ammunition. There’ve been a few complaints about its effectiveness. But if you had to choose between destroying Mother Earth and destroying a bad guy, we just know you’d do the right thing. One way or the other.

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