Wii Top Shot Gun Controller and 2010 Big Game Hunter Combo. It’s Perfect!

If you are of a literary bent (whether or not you’re bent in the British sense of the word), you can spot fake reviews with ease. They read exactly like ad copy. ‘Cause they’re written by people who write ad copy for a living. Who no how 2 spell and punk chew ate. Occasionally, you get a real gem from a real person. I found this under the reviews of the Wii Top Shot Gun Controller and 2010 Big Game Hunter Combo at cabelas.com. “This is the most realistic hunting game I have ever played! I stared at the TV screen for 5 hours straight and saw nothing but 5 squirrels and a few chipmunks. If only I could have played it outside and frozen my tail off it would have been perfect.” To be fair, that was then. This is now, when Activision has just announced that Monster Buck Hunter is now available on the Wii. I can’t wait to hear what DouginIndy from Indianapolis, IN has to say about it.

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