Who Likes Derringers?

Not me. But thanks for asking. And for those who reckon small is beautiful, the Rock Island auctioneers are there to exploit that tiny little monkey sitting on your back. You date with Derringer destiny: April 30, May 1 & 2 in Moline, Illinois.

There are more than 600 derringers and curio type weapons in this sale headlined by an extremely rare AM. Sterling marked solid sterling silver Colt second model derringer pistol, one of only four known solid silver Colt derringers, estimated at $50,000 – 90,000. Other impressive examples are an extraordinary Marston superposed three barrel, retractable knife blade deringer exhibition quality engraved and signed by L.D. Nimschke ($30,000 – 50,000) and a rare James Reid new model knuckle duster revolver ($8,500 – 13,000). Henry and Philadelphia derringers will include an extremely rare ivory stocked Henry deringer [sic] Philadelphia percussion pistol that is expected to bring $25,000 – 50,000.


  1. avatar Don Gammill, Jr. says:

    Just for fun, I may try to write a review of Grandfather's little no-name Derringer. Chambered in .25 Auto, it always struck me as an unsafe little contraption.

    After he died, I took it to the range. At 21 feet, firing at a full-size human silhouette target, I aimed dead center and fired both rounds. The target remained pristine, with zero holes whatsoever.

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