UK Facebooker Gets Five Years for Illegal Handgun

Brits don’t have a written constitution. And they sure as hell don’t have the right to bear arms. To wit: Sky News reports that a UK court has sentenced Majid Khan, 27, from Handsworth, Birmingham, to a five year jail term. After Khan posted a Facebook pic of himself holding a gun, police traced the image to his computer and raided his house. They found a a blank firing pistol converted to fire 8mm bullets. According to Detective Chief Inspector Steve Reed, “Mr Khan had a good job and had no gang links.” But that’s not the point, apparently. “A gun has only one purpose and thanks to this member of the public we have managed to remove another dangerous weapon from our streets and brought to justice a man who appeared to have an unhealthy interest in firearms.” I wonder what Inspector Reed would make of the average American gun owner’s collection.

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