TWHN BS: Great Landing Wrong M4 Edition

I am not the most technical of gun nuts. Load, aim, fire, make safe. Buy the best gun you can afford and use the recommended ammo. But I admire the technologically adept amongst us and read their work religiously (votive candles and all). One of my favorites: David Crane at Defense Review. In this article, Mr. Crane takes on the myth that the M4 semi-automatic is a rifle most foul. He soon discovers (i.e. proves his theory) that the armed services version isn’t ready to spring into action. So, will the Powers That Be adopt his recommendation? Cue Mandarkian laugh.

With an enhanced extractor spring (BCM 4 coil, Sprinco 5 coil or comparable) and a Crane O-ring, I have not experienced any failures to extract except for faulty ammunition (specifically Radway Green training ammunition used by the 82nd in 2006) The SOPMOD bolt upgrade kit (new extractor and pin, 5 coil extractor spring, Crane O-ring and new gas rings), first fielded by SOCOM, should be standard on all M4’s used by the military or law enforcement.

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