Toys R Us Selling Sightmark Accudot 243 Laser Boresight

The url’s dead now, of course. But true story: Toys R Us was selling Sightmark Accudot 243 Laser Boresight on their website. Question: what exactly is wrong with a toy store selling “a convenient and accurate method for sighting in rifles of all types”? After all, all you need to do is “simply chamber the bore sight like a regular bullet and a laser dot will show exactly where the rifle is aiming.” Which makes it “easy to use and will save both time and money by avoiding prolonged live fire tests at the range.” Not to mention that you get “a lightweight carrying pouch protects the laser for convenient use in the field.” According to at least some of the product reviews underneath, nothing!

Comments about Sightmark Accudot 300 Laser Boresight:

With this product I was amazed how accurately I could sight in my daughter’s Falcon 12.7 mm Sniper Rifle. I was amazed now that she can shoot over 1000 yards now and still remain on target. This product really helped her tone in her skills and im so proud of her now. Im telling you, this product has made me the most proud parent of a 5 year old in the state!


You should have seen my toddler’s eyes light-up when the wrapping came off this item during his birthday party. The party hostess at the Wild Animal Park was quite excited too when he chambered it to zero the “slightly modified” M14 replica he got from Uncle Mike. Loads of fun was had by all…


My son wanted me to shoot an apple off of his head. To be safe we used this laser to sight in the weapon, and then shot an apple off of his head! What a great product! Thank you Toys R Us!


Bought this item for my eight year old. He has an extensive collection of firearms and says that it comes in very handy. Good Price.

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