The Truth About Guns Clocks 18k+ Visits in its First Full Month

After creating, selling and leaving The Truth About Cars, I thought I’d never find a subject that would engage me as fully as all things automotive. Boy, was I wrong. The Truth About Guns (TTAG) is the most exciting project I’ve ever started, and man I’ve started a few. (Then again, too many to mention.) I am fully committed to TTAG’s creative, commercial and literary success. And we’re off to an amazing start. TTAG finishes its first full month of operation with 18,000-plus unique visits. We’re plenty sticky too; 2.19 pages per visit with a 2:55 average site visit time. It’s an excellent beginning to a thrilling endeavor. My thanks to our original designer and resident liberal, Jeff Puthuff, and our growing stable of staples: Brad Kozak, Don Gammill Jr. (AR-15 on the ‘morrow), William C. Montgomery (more!), Martin Albright, Robert Fure (the future’s so bright) and playas’ to be named later. I also want to thank the firearms industry, which is loaded with creative, open-minded and helpful people. No really. Props to our fellow gun bloggers, who have supported our efforts. I reserve my ultimate appreciation for you, our armed intelligentsia. Thanks for keeping us on target. If you could email a link to TTAG to your gun-aware pals, I’d be most appreciative.


  1. avatar joe_thousandaire says:

    You may have roped me in again R.F. – just like you did with TTAC. I just found out about this site today and think its a brilliant idea. If there's one thing people are as passionate and opinionated about as cars, its guns, myself included. You've piqued my interest once again, I will definitely be checking this place out.

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