Armed Robbery is What Happens When You’re Making Other Plans

From, re: STATE v. LONG:

Long stated that he and Johnson had traveled to Bath, Indiana, to rob a bank. The two men had selected this location after conducting extensive Internet research. Long purposely chose a town with a small population and a bank that was not located near a law enforcement agency. Long provided a .22-caliber pistol and a .45-caliber gun for use in the robbery.

{¶9} But according to Long, once he and Johnson had arrived in Bath and checked out the bank, they decided that it would not be feasible to conduct a successful robbery. Instead, they attempted to steal money from an ATM machine. This attempt was unsuccessful, and the two men again considered robbing the bank. Long described in detail the second robbery plan that he and Johnson had formulated. This plan was aborted as well, and the two men left Bath, Indiana, and drove into southwestern Ohio. There, they conducted the robbery of Duebber’s Drive-Thru.

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