Springfield (MO) Councilman: “If All Else Fails . . . Buy Guns”

For reasons that mystify both your humble correspondent and the equally sanguine scribe at news-leader.com, unnamed gun rights’ campaigners decided to take their unspecified case to the Springfield, Missouri City Council. Perhaps they were looking to score one of Springfield’s Ozark Hillbilly Medallions (like General Omar Bradley) for their unspecified efforts to fight unspecified federal curbs on their Second Amendment rights. Ain’t gonna happen. Times two. “Opining that the first reaction to times of economic stress might be ‘to go out and get a gun,’ [Councilman Dan Chiles] called for collaboration instead: ‘getting to know our neighbors, growing gardens, planting things and helping others out.’ Deadpanning, he added: ‘If all else fails, then we can buy guns and kill each other.'” At least Bass Pro Shops, based Springfield, would be pleased. For a while. Oh, BTW, if you want to fill in the blanks, you can watch the the City Council meeting here. I’ve got a stamp collection I need to start.

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