South Carolina Church Sponsors Gun Buy-Back

Is it me or does this seem like a really bad idea? I mean, sure, removing illegal or broken ass guns from a community is a good thing. But if you reward people for turning them in—as opposed to punishing them or offering them amnesty—common sense suggests you’re going to INCREASE the number of illegal guns in a given community. To wit: “A group of South Carolina ministers are offering Walmart gift cards in exchange for guns to reduce the number of weapons in their communities,” our friends at report. “The Rev. Leon Maxwell of Colleton County told the Post and Courier of Charleston that Saturday’s event is based on a similar program in North Charleston that has netted more than 450 weapons in two years.” Now, if the guns are significantly worth more on the street than the value of the Walmart gift cards, than MAYBE you can convince me that this gun buy-back thing is a net gain. If, however, the guns are worth roughly the same or LESS in the black market than at the black church, then Charleston, we have a problem. Steal a gun, shop at Walmart. So the value of the program (in terms of crime reduction) depends entirely on the price the churches pay for the guns. And the answer is  . . . “Participants are asked to put the weapons in their trunks and Colleton County deputies will collect them. The officers will make sure the guns still work and determine the value of the weapon. The owner will be given a gift card in that amount.” So the police are now firearms fences? Saints preserve us.


  1. avatar Raul says:

    Ridiculous program. This African American minister should instead focus on the corrupt culture in the black community. All those rifles and six shooters being turned in are sure to end crime! Absurd.

  2. avatar Martin Albright says:

    How rich would the irony be if some of those walmart gift cards were used to purchase new guns?

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