Shawn Clark: Parents Should Decide When Kids are Ready for Guns

Sport shooting scribe Shawn Clark popped-up on TTAG’s radar with his column about shooting hogs with Ted Nugent, wrestler Dusty Rhodes and an NRA official (I swear didn’t make that up). As I said at the time, I’m a fan. “What am I getting at?” Clark inquires rhetorically (one hopes) in today’s column. “Do we really need others, such as the state, telling us when kids are ready to hunt, or when they are mature enough to shoot? The answer is no. That should be up to the parents. And as parents, we should all know when that particular child is ready. And each parent could, and should, take that responsibility as seriously as possible.” If not seriouser. Unfortunately, Clark analogy deployment can’t match his talent for declarative sentences. “Like anything people do, there is always a risk factor. Playing violent sports like football, swimming or simply getting behind the wheel of a car involve risks . . . You’ll know when your kid is ready, just as parents know if and when their kids are ready to join sports in school.”

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