Sarah Get Your Gun: Palin Plans to Pick Up Big Boy

Not for nothing The Truth About Guns recently reported that the Arkansas Republican party presented presidential non-candidate Sarah Palin with a Henry Repeating Arms rifle. Dollars to donuts, the gift helped inspire Alaska’s ex-Governor to pronounce “It’s great to be in a state where it’s okay to cling to your guns and religion.” It’s also great to get a free gun, especially a smooth-action, American made, custom engraved collector’s piece. Just ask the owner of GOP001, who bought the companion piece to Ms. Palin’s firearm for $3500 at a post-Palin Party auction (msrp $899.95, without engraving). But don’t ask Ms. Palin. At least not yet. Anthony Imperato reports that Palin’s people haven’t selected an FFL gun dealer in Alaska to receive her Big Boy rifle; it’s sitting in Arkansas awaiting the info. Not that Henry’s President’s got agita about pols’ patronage. After telling me to “go see where you gotta go” (or words to that effect), a bit of schmoozing elicited the following: “Things are decent enough in this tough economy.” Excellent. As they say in Brooklyn, the Big Boy ain’t no carpet gun.

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