Sam Shoots Big Ben: Can A [Small] Woman Handle a 12-Gauge Shotgun?

Keep in mind that this weapon’s stock is equipped with Benelli’s ComfortTech recoil system, which reduces aftershock by a claimed 40 percent. (Remington slugs.) Still, as Wayne from The American Firearm School said, it’s all in the posture. If you keep your body square and keep your focus downrange (where it counts), even if you get knocked backwards you can get back on target in a hurry. Still, a gentler gun for the gentler sex? Sam will have my guts for garters for saying that. But it has to be asked: can there be too much gun for a given body weight? There. That’s better. [NB: That’s the Henry Repeating Arms Golden Boy .22 lever-action rifle at the end of the video. Full review of that piece on Thursday.]


  1. avatar ariel says:

    Looks like too much gun for her body weight to me. Has she tried the “tension” method (or whatever it’s called) where the hand on the slide pulls forward, and the buttstock hand pulls backward? This makes the forward hand something of a spring and is pretty effective. Also, no reason not to try a 20 ga of equal weight.

  2. avatar greg says:

    my little sister discharged a 12 gauge when she was 9 (back in the 70’s) and landed on her ass, but got up and did it again (with me offering advice about how to protect herself and fire safely). shes grown up now (5’5″, 145lbs) and handles a .12 (and higher kick ammo) with no problem. i suppose thats the difference between people raised in hunting/outdoors families, and people not. it probably helps that she’s actually fit and not helpless limp fish bony like many women today.

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