Rumors Swirl Around the Tanner Gun Show Shooting

We know that someone was shot in the chest at the Tanner Gun show in Denver, Colorado two days ago (March 20). Since then, nothing. We don’t know who shot whom, why, or what weapon was used. We don’t know whether the bullet catcher is alive, somewhat alive or dead. We don’t know if police have the shooter in custody. Listening to talk radio here in the Sunshine State, a caller suggested  the event was a fake, intended to further legislative efforts to close the “terrorist gap” that allows gun buyers to purchase weapons at gun shows without a criminal background check. Other callers suggested that a celebrity (or two) was involved. Someone suggested a politician. What’s clear: something is amiss. No witnesses have come forward, there’ve been no leaks from the hospital and not a peep from the Denver post or local TV news. Who knew so many lawyers could be so quiet about such obvious ching-chingery?

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