Update: Pentagon Shooter’s Guns: Memphis Police and Las Vegas Gun Show

The AP reports that investigators have traced the Taurus 9mm handgun used by John Patrick Bedell in the attack on the U.S. Pentagon to the Memphis, Tennessee police. The Memphis police had seized Bededell’s Taurus as part of a criminal investigation, then sold it at auction in December 2008 to an as-yet-unnamed gun dealer. How it ended-up in Bedell’s hands is still a mystery, Meanwhile, Newsoxy.com reports that Bedell purchased the Sturm, Ruger also used in the Pentagon attack at a Las Vegas gun show, from an unnamed source. Look for this fact to breathe new life into legislative efforts aimed at closing the “gun show loophole” where guns can be bought and sold without a criminal background check.


  1. avatar LarryinTX says:

    If it was sold without normal paperwork, there would be no record of who bought it, as it should be.

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