Pennsylvania Mulls Designating The First “State Gun”

Did you know that Flashdance’s producers were still moving around big chunks of the movie days before they made the final prints?  This article about Pennsylvania’s efforts to designate a firearm the “state gun” in The Morning Call should have started in the middle. Cut and paste rocks! “There’s an official state drink — milk. An official state dog — the Great Dane. And an official state animal — the white-tailed deer which, presumably, earlier generations of Pennsylvanians hunted with the weapon [State Senator Pat] Browne wants to make the official state firearm.” Now, this: “The Pennsylvania rifle was developed by German craftsmen and emerged around 1750. It was prized for its accuracy and range. With a barrel that could reach as much as four feet in length, it was the weapon of choice for frontiersmen, histories indicate.” And then this: “The rifle, made in Lancaster County, was used in the American Revolution, the War of 1812 and the Civil War . . .  The handcrafted weapon’s unique color combinations, carvings and engravings also set it apart as an example of early American art.” Now that’s what I call fun! Unfortunately, you gotta quote the party poopers, too. “”We’re all for American history, but we’d also like to see [lawmakers] try to solve the gun problems we have in the here-and-now,” said Joe Grace of the Philadelphia-based pro-gun control group CeaseFirePa.” Bother.

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