Obscure Object of Desire: Anschutz Super Match 2013

Gun Digest:

Bolt action; single shot; 22LR19-3/4 inch barrel (26-inch with tube installed; 43-1/2-inch to 45-1/2-inch overall length; weighs 15-1/2-lbs; target adjustable European walnut stock; no sights; improved Super Match 54 action; #5018 trigger; micro-honed barrel; two-stage, nine-point adjustment trigger; slide safety. Imported from Germany. Introduced 1992. [Right-hand] Perfect condition: $2995. Excellent: $2495. Very Good $1500. Bad: Why Bother?


  1. avatar Lesa says:

    I’ve heard mixed reviews on Collier. Some doctors say he can play again, others say he can’t.

  2. avatar Ben Eli says:

    I have never seen a shoulder butt like that. I know very little about competition rifles like this. Could someone explain to me what that hook like thing on the butt is?

  3. avatar Kalle says:

    i need a Anschütz Match 54 a good one like the photo, how mutch it will cost me and can u send it to Denmark.

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