Non-Lethal Rounds Get a Sexy Spokesman

“I am whatever I wish to be,” Onision proclaims in his YouTube profile. Does he wish to be right? The stat trotted-out here—that more people are killed by people they know than unfamiliar burglars (fingering irresponsible legal gun ownership as the number one cause of firearm fatalities)—has been de-bunked many times, many ways. For example, the oft-relied upon survey behind the shibboleth includes gang members who shoot each other—hardly a spurned lover, depressed family member or “oops” kind of moment. It’s also true that even the best non-lethal rounds aren’t going to provide what’s called “stopping power.” To wit: in a blog highlighted in a previous post (Real Reason for Marines’ Underpowered Rounds Revealed), we linked to a Marine Times article on the need for larger bullets in theater. Check this out: “Brig. Gen. Michael Brogan, commander of Marine Corps Systems Command, told Marine Corps Times in mid-February that ‘there’s a long-going argument about the stopping power of 5.56 in general.’ But he said even Marines don’t always fall after they’ve been shot by insurgents with multiple 7.62mm rounds, citing Navy Cross recipient Sgt. Maj. Brad Kasal, who was hit with seven 7.62mm rounds in Iraq in 2004 but survived and kept fighting.” Bean bag that.

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