New York Funeral Home Billboard: “Stop the GUNS, DRUGS & VIOLENCE or be our next guest”

I guess the operative word here is “next.” ‘Cause even if you somehow manage to stop the guns, drugs and violence (a lethal cocktail to be sure), you’re still going to end-up dead. I suppose we ought to be thankful that there’s a [New York] funeral director trying to help people live longer. But I’m a cynical bastard, and this looks like a [successful] play for cheap publicity. AND it creeps me out. “People don’t say anything, people just sit at the funeral homes and wait for people to come to them,” Memories Funeral Home Director and ex-con Shawn Hemphill told “I want to do something where it reaches out to the community.” Alternatively . . . No, just kidding. Though it would make a great plot device. “This is the last stop,” Hemphill said, offering something of a piercing glimpse into the obviiys, “”Either you’re going to be in jail, or you’re going to be in a funeral home. You can be a guest, seeing the friend, or you can be the one laid out.” Or all three, eventually.

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