Michael Vick: Marcus Vick Waved Gun At Taunting Teens

Celebrity gun news. No. I’m not going to start another website to cover star firepower. I’m not even going to create a new category. But exploring gun culture is part of TTAG’s mission statement. So when an ex-con / NFL QB by the name of Michael Vick told Black Entertainment Television that his brother and fellow felon Marcus Vick was telling porky pies (lies) when he denied waving a “small black handgun” around at a Suffolk (CT) McDonald’s parking lot (in response to teenage taunting), we’re in. First, flashback. “I don’t carry guns,” Marcus Vick dissembled at the time (2006), claiming witnesses mistook his cell phone for a firearm (easily done). “I don’t affiliate with people that have guns,” Mikey revealed. “They’re dangerous and could go off at any time and hit anybody.” Now there’s the voice of a knowledgeable gun owner. Anyway . . .

The DA charged Marcus with three counts of brandishing a firearm. Vick plead out to one count of disorderly conduct; he received a six-month suspended sentence and a $500 fine. And now Michael’s recollection: “Marc got in an incident at a local McDonald’s, two minutes away from my mom’s house. Waved a gun in a guy’s face. For what reason, I don’t know. I really think it was just him being irresponsible, and, you know, not thinking.” The gun was never identified or recovered.

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