Louisiana’s Operation Exodus “Ahead of the Curve When It Comes to Fighting Islamic Extremism”



  1. avatar Pch101 says:

    I guess no one at the parish consulted the PR department when they decided to use the name of a book in the Bible as the name for an openly anti-Islamic initiative. Well done, guys.

  2. avatar Don Gammill says:

    "Hey guys, let's implement a firearms-positive civil defense initiative that respects the intelligence of the citizenry, but let's make sure to justify it with the absolute craziest exigent circumstance anyone's ever heard of!"

  3. avatar Brad Kozak says:

    I grew up in Shreveport, just across the river from Bossier City. A couple of comments…I don't know if you're aware of it, but when all that post-9/11 money suddenly became available, cities and parishes (counties in LA) had to figure out how to spend it – or lose it. A huge number of DHS programs are complete flights of fancy. Having said that, the largest Strategic Air Command base in the U.S. is HQ'd at Barksdale AFB – in Bossier City. So it's not like Bossier is the kind of place that would never attract the attention of terrorists or any other bunch of nutjobs. I'm not sure exactly what the goal of this program is/was, but it just has the feel of "let's put something together to get some of that DHS money" rather than "we have a legit need…now let's fill it."

    The woman I'm dating used to live in the U.A.E. and has some, shall we say, STRONG opinions on Islam, terrorism, and how Muslims are portrayed in this country. Can't wait to see what she thinks about this video. Did I mention she lives in Bossier?

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